State of the Art Sterilization Techniques

At the practice of Dr. Sepe, patient health and safety is our number one priority. We go to great lengths to make sure that the care you receive is in as clean an environment as possible, we and have invested in state of the art sterilization and infection control procedures.
After every patient, all of our instruments are put through a multi-step procedure to ensure that they are sterile for the next person. After the treatment is complete, the instruments are wiped and checked to be sure they are free from visible debris. They are then placed in a special dishwasher that further cleans disinfects them.  After this process, our staff inspects them a second time, seals them in special bags, and places them one of our autoclaves, which use heat and pressure to kill all bacteria and viruses that may still be present. These bags remain sealed and sterile until they are opened for the next patient. To be sure our autoclaves are working properly, each bag is marked with a color indicator to make sure the autoclave completed its cycle. For added insurance, a special biological test is done by our staff weekly. 
Our treatment rooms are also disinfected with sprays and wipes that are designed to kill 99.9% of all surface bacteria, fungi and viruses.  What’s more, we believe hand washing is crucial to infection control both in and out of the treatment rooms. If you walk around our office you will see Purell hand washing stations scattered throughout for patients and staff alike. We feel it is everyone’s job to keep our guests healthy!
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